metroMetropolitan Security is one of the top security company in Lebanon & abroad. Our mission is to provide the best security that can be achieved through cutting-edge technology and training, giving our clients peace of mind. We provide thinking agents and on-site security directors supported by state-of-the art equipment to help our clients meet their obligation to provide a safe environment for those who rely on them to do so.
The fundamental mission of Metropolitan Security other than to protect the life and property of the customers is to serve our clients in a consistent manner with the highest ideals and the finest quality of protective services available within our industry. We dedicate ourselves to provide incomparable, personalized, quality monitoring. Whether your security concerns are residential or commercial ... local or global ... large or small ... we provide customized solutions to suit your needs in all emergency situations.
Our commitment to professional, ethical and protocol conscious services are our trademark to insure that our clients receive the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism from their security team. Our uniformed security guards are trained above the industry requirements; MS acknowledges the fact that the strength of any security operation lies directly in the quality of its people. This quality is related to the way that those people are trained, motivated, rewarded and managed. Irrespective of how well companies manage their protective operations, they will fail to be fully effective if the people doing the job do not have the correct skills and knowledge. We endeavor to be the preferred Central Monitoring Station for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty, wisdom, discretion and sound judgment in order to implement what we live by 3S: Safety Security and Satisfaction. Our clients are the backbone of our success and our goal is to always exceed their expectations. Customer confidentiality is our main concern. we protect your identity through every step of the process.
Metropolitan Security range of services:

1. Static Guarding
2. Security Consulting Planning, Security Reports & Risk Analysis
3. Executive Protection & Body Guard
4. VIP Escort & Evacuation 5. Operation Room Management
6. ETS “Engineering and Technology Services”
7. Logistics
8. Patrols
9. Special Events & Conference Security
10. Money & Jewelry Transportation
11. Parking Management
12. Insurance
13. Training
14. Field Supervisors
15. Glass Protection System (XDS)
16. Apollo Metro Lightning System Solution

mfm logoDue to the increase of the market demand for outsourcing and in-house services, Metropolitan Facility Management was established as a sister company of Metropolitan Security to work in parallel to outsource all our clients (global or local) especially our escorted expatriates.
Metropolitan will devote its background in obtaining new responsibilities in an ongoing growing market of Facility Management to provide 5 Stars Facility Services.
MFM decided to build on, develop and upgrade its slogan to execute 5S “Sustainable Solutions Secure Safety Satisfaction”.
MFM will increase your value by transforming your asset to a star competitor in real estate by implementing Sustainable operational procedures to improve working environment by presenting up-to-date Solutions. While Security will minimize your facility cost; Safety measurements will raise service level and building management to ensure Satisfaction for Occupants and Owners.
Metropolitan Facility Management fundamental services include but not limited to: Hard & Soft services, Administrative services, Risk Management and Technical services and other such as outpace activities, tours, transportation vehicles, escort, security, travel agency, booking, housekeeping, trips, car rental, creational activities, MICE planning and other that will be arranged and tailored made accordingly to fulfill your need.

Our services:

• Subcontracting (company’s in-house services provision)
• Finalizing all kind of administrative transactions (visa, work permit, residential permit etc...)
• Life and health insurance, hospitalization, accommodation, transportation, schooling etc...
• Maintenance services
• Environmental services
• Support services
• Catering services
• Security services
Our team department:
Consultant: MFM consultant team provides professional or expert advice in several domain and area, ready to provide services such as design supervision, technology, creation of drawings and specifications, and make recommendations and solutions.
Engineer: MFM engineer team design, execute and repair materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. Furthermore, engineering team will manage project and guide technicians.
Operation: MFM Operation Center guarantees 24 hours’ availability for all our customers upon request. On addition MFMOC (MFM Operation Center) connect the MFM department.
Maintenance & Services: MFM technician team on addition to their experience, skills and practicality, they are trained to support our customers. MFM Services team is available to reply all customer services request as support, cleaning and catering.


ats logoAtelier Simona Group Company was founded in 1992 as Atelier Simona. Atelier Simona Group has a highly qualified team of experts and professionals: architects, urban designers, supervisors, technician of engineering, modeler, management, accounting, economists and assistants.
We focus at our work on buildings of commercial and civil character which appeal by their original architecture, used materials and well-thought-out disposition. Atelier Simona offers its clients complex service from the pre-investment, projects study to the realization itself, and engineering activity, expert and consultancy services including building economical evaluation of the property, urban architectonic study and analysis study to set further client’s investment steps.

heret logoSince its establishment in 2010, the company HeReT Consulting Ltd. successfully engaged in the provision of services and materials for army, police, rescue and fire brigades. The concept of the provision of services especially means design and delivery of training centers as well as the implementation of training.
During the last year, the company has designed two important projects of training centers, which have been received very positively by customers.
The company also performs consulting services in all aspects of army, police and special units’ activities. In this context, we note that one of the important activity of the company is working out security analysis, especially for the Middle East and the North Africa. The output of each of these analyzes are safety recommendations, including the provision of security services.
Other important service that company can arrange for customers is to propose and ensure the protection of people, buildings and industrial complexes, including significant authorities, pipelines and refineries. It is also possible to design and help to ensure security of institutions such as prisons.
The concept of supply of special materials means supply all materials including weapons and ammunition for the army, police, rescue and fire brigades except materials, weapons and ammunition prohibited by European Union, more precisely by Czech authorities.
HeReT Consulting Ltd., as a provider of special services and goods, considers any action for any customer to be totally confidential and is always ready to sign and fully comply with NCND agreement.
This is the reason for the nonspecific references, but there is possible to state, that company currently solves several security and training projects in the Middle East and the North Africa.